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Retirement Accounts

Dreaming of retiring? Dream Big.

Achieving the goal of a comfortable, secure retirement can be a complex journey. C3bank offers an IRA to maximize retirement income and minimize tax implications. With investment options such as Traditional and Roth IRAs the road to retirement will be a smooth one. Our plans are designed to work for you.


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Traditional IRA

If paying less in taxes now is your goal, a Traditional IRA may be right for you. Traditional IRAs allow you to take advantage of federal income tax deferred earnings and possible yearly tax deductions. Choosing this type of IRA may help you pay less in taxes now, using pre-tax dollars to build principal towards more earnings later.

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Roth IRA

While Roth IRA contributions are not tax deductible, earnings can be free from federal tax if certain conditions are met. The Roth IRA has a good deal of flexibility to help you meet you retirement goals. A Roth IRA allows you to continue to save for retirement past 70-1/2, there are no mandatory distribution requirements and you may be eligible to access your contributions without any IRS penalties.

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